Saturday, July 31, 2010

All Moved.....July

It is official we have survived THE MOVE to Gainesville. Last Sunday we moved in, wow we have almost been here a week. We had some great friends help with oh so fun process on a 101 degree day. Luckily, the move went pretty smooth with no major casualties as far as all of our crap goes. We had an old dvd player that decided to break in the move, and few little things here and there. I can not explain how nice it is to not be moving. We will get some pictures once we are all the way unpacked. We have completed the kitchen, main living area, kids room, our room is unpacked. Now we just have random things to find places for, as well as pictures to find walls for, etc. It is finally feeling like we live here which is a nice feeling.
Besides the move, not much has been going on, Corey has been hard at work. I started my graduate classes for certification, so all my extra time not working, or taking care of kids is now occupied by studying, watching videos, reading and taking tests. On school work "breaks" I unpack or organize some things. Other then that, life is pretty normal these days and everyone is adjusting to the new place beautifully. That is all with us for now, hope everyone is having a great summer!

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