Saturday, July 31, 2010

All Moved.....July

It is official we have survived THE MOVE to Gainesville. Last Sunday we moved in, wow we have almost been here a week. We had some great friends help with oh so fun process on a 101 degree day. Luckily, the move went pretty smooth with no major casualties as far as all of our crap goes. We had an old dvd player that decided to break in the move, and few little things here and there. I can not explain how nice it is to not be moving. We will get some pictures once we are all the way unpacked. We have completed the kitchen, main living area, kids room, our room is unpacked. Now we just have random things to find places for, as well as pictures to find walls for, etc. It is finally feeling like we live here which is a nice feeling.
Besides the move, not much has been going on, Corey has been hard at work. I started my graduate classes for certification, so all my extra time not working, or taking care of kids is now occupied by studying, watching videos, reading and taking tests. On school work "breaks" I unpack or organize some things. Other then that, life is pretty normal these days and everyone is adjusting to the new place beautifully. That is all with us for now, hope everyone is having a great summer!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Time Flies....The Taylor's

Well I am officially a slacker and a half. However this time there are lots of good reasons why it has been so unbelievably long since my last post........

First off, we got hitched on March 26th 2010 and it was the happiest day of my life.
My parents threw an amazing wedding for Corey and I and it was everything I had dreamed of. We got married at St.Andrew Lutheran Church and had the reception at Meadowlark Gardens in Vienna. It truly was an amazing celebration of our friendship,endless love and support for each other. We have been through a lot together and no matter what seems to come our way, one thing never changes I will always be there for Corey and he will always be there for me, we can lean on each other and make the other crack a smile even in the hard times. Thanks to all the family and friends that gave up their time and helped us celebrate our special day. Here is a picture from that special day: Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Corey Taylor.

Our amazing wedding was followed by 5 days in California. We flew out the next morning at WAY TO EARLY in the AM. We both felt pretty crappy on the flight, and we arrived there by 930 am CA time. We started off in Napa Valley and truly it was amazing there. We loved the vineyards, although I would be lying if I said we weren't overwhelmed. We had heard about how its literally hundreds in a row, but once we saw it, we were like WOW. We stayed in Napa 2 days and finished up that area by heading to Longboard Vineyards which was in the Sonoma area. This vineyard ended up being one
of our favorites. From there we headed to the San Francisco area. We spent a few days
in San Fran hanging out and exploring. We went and saw Alcatraz and other sights of San Fran. We loved San Francisco and ended our trip to that area by getting a
matching tattoo on the top of our shoulder blades. The tattoo is of a flower that is half a Calla Lilly and half a rose, with a banner that has 3.26 in it. We got them done by Barnaby at Mom's Body and Tattoo Shop in San Fran. He did an amazing job and we love them. The honeymoon seemed way to short, but doesn't any good trip?!?! We came back to reality and got back into the swing of work. See a picture to the left of Corey and I in one of favorite attractions The Castle/Vineyard we saw in Napa. For those of you Bachelor watchers it was where Jake went on one of his dates during the last season as our tour guide of the castle liked to point out. haha

Which leads be to the second reason life has been so crazy. Corey and his custody case for the boys at the beginning of June and this was much awaited and anticipated for Corey and I. We were trying to get full custody of the kids so that they could have more stability in their life and give them so routine, as well as a safe environment. Well we stewed that whole week and we had an amazing outcome. Corey and I got full custody of the boys, with their mom getting visitation every other weekend. So we have them for two whole weeks, then she gets them Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon on the second week. The boys have adjusted amazing, and we have noticed big changes in their behaviors. We have not had as many discipline issues with either of them and they both tell us they are happy, which makes my heart smile. Anyone who knows us, knows this has been an uphill running battle since Corey and I first started dating so we were beyond glad to finally see something really exciting and good come out of all the sweat, time and energy we have put into this issue. So with full custody came a lot of schedule adjusting, and getting into a new routine for everyone. The kids are doing awesome with everything and Corey and I count our blessings everyday for having such fun loving kids in our daily lives. Here is a picture of the boys with their little friends From bottom around clockwise: Nathan (8), Braden (4), Brooklynn (2), and Maddie (almost 4). The boys loving hanging out with these girls and enjoying the
pool while Corey and I go to work during the week and our friend Angie truly has been a blessing to help us out through all this chaos since the New Year.

So if that isn't enough reason number three and four I have been MIA. The third reason is Corey and I have decided to start looking to move. So in my downtime I have been sorting through stuff, organizing, and starting to pack up stuff that we canlive without for a few weeks. We are hoping to move by August 1st. We are moving for a few reasons, the first is utilities are killing us out here in our current house. We love the property, but paying what weare in utilities on top of our rent and other bills is becoming too much. Also we are ready to be in closer to family, friends, as well as our jobs. Moving also means that if something happen at Nathan's school we would both be closer from our jobs to go get him. The area we are looking to move is Gainesville/Bristow or maybe
Haymarket. We are actually seeing some places on Sunday so hopefully we will fall in love with one of the rental properties and put an application in for one of them. Either way this is a new chapter in our life and hascreated a lot of work. Which brings me to reason number four, I have decided to take some graduate level classes. These classes which start next week, July 15th will lead me to become a BCaBA, which stands for: Board Certified Associate Behavior Analyst. To become a BCaBA I have to take 3 classes, one right after the other, so one starts in July and ends begininng of October, and then the next one starts a few days later and goes until January and then next one starts and goes into April. Once I complete all the classes I have to study and sit for a Board Exam to become a certified associate behavior analyst. The board exam is some serious hard stuff, just like any board exam that nurses, lawyers etc sit for. So why am I doing this?!? Well I am in love with my job, doing ABA with children with Autism. I get beyond excited to see the progress they make and the milestones they hit with our help. So since I have finally found something that I can actually say I get up out of bed in the morning and don't groan at the thought of going to, I decided to get some certification and with it will come a promotion to a consultant with my job. Speaking of promotions, I just got a promotion a few weeks ago to a Senior Therapist which was really exciting. After finally finding something I love to do, I now hope more then ever that everyone can find something as rewarding for themselves as I have and that they truly enjoy doing day to day. So we are trying to get as organized and as much done as possible as far as packing/moving goes before my class is really demanding. It will be a lot of work juggling work full time, with two kids full time and a graduate level class but I know if I put my mind to it I can do it. It would be easier if Corey had the typical 9-5 job cause he could help with the kids in the evening, but that isn't the case so I will make it work.

So that is the TAYLOR life lately. Corey is doing great, still really busy at work....summer is definitely always crazy for him with business. He works hard for the boys and me and I am grateful for that. No exciting news with our crazy dogs, Mylo is still a playful ball of energy and Addie still puts him in his place even though she is only 15 lbs.
It truly is a sight to see when she does it, I guess it helps that he thinks he is a small dog. Hahaha. Here is a picture of our "little boy" Mylo who will be two in November and Addie his "big sister" who will be five in November.

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer, and takes some time to stop and appreciate the little things. I truly believe its those little things that make your day. Hopefully I can add BLOGGING to my TO DO LIST at least every two weeks, and then maybe I won't forget. We will get everyone our new address once we know where that will be. :o)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

WOW Is it Really March?

Well time has surely been flying this year so far. I am in shock that we are already in March and the end of the second week of March at that. There is a lot going on with final preparations for the Wedding and exciting outings leading up to the wedding. I have recently accomplished the following for the wedding; the final meeting with the florist, meeting with the DJ, we got our marriage license, did our final two meetings with the Pastor, and now I get butterflies in my stomach thinking about how close we are. 15 days?!?! Really...OH my. I would be lying if I said I wasn't getting nervous/anxious. It will be a major sigh of relief when I get down the aisle and through the service, hopefully without balling my eyes out. On a lighter note still a few things to get done before the big day, I have to go finish getting the Liquor for the reception, I am sure everyone is glad to hear that I will be accomplishing that. Haha. Then I need to finish sending the DJ a few things he asked me to get together for him, and meet with the organist who will play at the service. Oh its going to be a busy weekend. I am hoping to knock everything out so that I can have at least a few days of just relaxation. On more exciting news, I get to do my Hair trial on Saturday with my awesome hairstylist Nicki. I am beyond excited to see that come into play since I have already done my makeup run through two months back. So while I am running around this weekend trying to accomplish things, Corey will be taken away by his groomsmen and good friends for a road trip to The Carolinas for the weekend. I just ask that he comes back in one piece, and doesn't go to the hospital or jail on his trip. Other then that I know he will behave. So after my weekend of busy busy with the two boys under foot as well, I will surely deserve some girl time the following weekend.
My matron of honor, bridesmaids and myself will have a busy Saturday, March 20th. First we all are going to go one last time to the Bridal Salon so they can make sure their alterations are perfect and I will be trying my dress on one last time. Then I get to go visit Nicki again for a fabulous trim and highlight. Then I will be meeting back up with them to head downtown. We will head to our hotel and checkin, and then head to Oya Restaurant and Lounge for some dinner and drinks. After that we are meeting the Boomerang Nightlife Party bus for a bar tour of DC. I am sure it will be an awesome night with my bridesmaids/matron of honor and will be a great way to spend my last Saturday as a "single woman." So other then that life is just crazy, just working and trying to get things done around the house in between all the other wedding things that must get accomplished. However I wouldn't trade it for the world. Friday March 26th is going to be an awesome and memorable day for me. In the meantime, I will just practice breathing and think of the amazing time Corey and I will have in Napa Valley and San Francisco for our honeymoon with no kids, no worries and our first trip BY OURSELVES of our entire relationship. Now that is something to get excited about, we love our friends and the boys but there is just a nice ring to the sound of a TRIP ALONE with my best friend and my soon to be husband. California here we come!!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010


With the Passing of Valentines Day this month I decided to do a post about LOVE. There lots of things you love in life, from simple things we take for granted to more complex emotions of Love. However I think even the most simple forms of Love we have for things/events/emotions/people shouldn't be taken for granted. So I decided to make a list of just some of the things I encounter in life that I love.

1. Corey (I know mushy and all but its true, he's the best)
2. My Family (from my amazing parents, siblings, extended family and of course the two little boys in my life)
3. My Job (it is the most rewarding job and I love the families I work with and my coworkers)
4. Our Crazy dogs Mylo and Addie
5. The smell of fresh flowers
6. Falling asleep cuddled up to Corey
7. Trips to Vineyards
8. A Glass of Wine in the evening
9. Holding Hands
10. Warm Weather (I'm a flip flop kind of girl)
11. Family Vacations with Corey and the kids
12. The Beach
13. Spending time with my Parents (even if its just an hour to stop by)
14. Outdoors Activities (walks, the park, anything to enjoy the weather)
15. Hanging out with our Good Friends
16. Trying new recipes
17. Sushi
18. Pickled Okra
19. Cupcakes
20. Fruit (any and every kind...mmmm)
21. Back Rubs
22. Feeling Appreciated (I mean who doesn't love that feeling)
23. Pedicures
24. The Way Corey can make me laugh even when I am trying with all my power to be mad or serious for whatever reason
25. Being Cuddled up in a blanket and reading a good book (done this a lot lately due to all of our snow days)
26. The smell of a fresh fire
27. Watching the innocence of small children
28. A good workout
29. Listening to my IPOD
30. Kisses

Whether its something small or big, I think everyone should try and appreciate the good things of life. The things we love to feel, do, see or experience. It is easy to focus on the bad or negative things, trust me we have had a lot go on this year so far and its only February. Regardless of all of that, I am beyond glad that I am soooooo in Love, and I get to experience all these great things from day to day. Some we experience more regularly and some I long to come back, such as warm weather, family vacations, and flip flop days), but they will be here soon. Take a moment in your busy day to day to think of things you Love, it feels great to think about all the things that truly make you smile.

On a lighter note and related to the topic of LOVE, Corey and I are getting married in 33 days? Time flies and over the last week I meet with the caterer/venue again, the photographer and got all my paperwork done for the DJ. WAHOOOO next on the agenda, a final meeting with the florist. Oh time flies. I am so excited to start my life with Corey as Husband and Wife and Mrs. Taylor. On that happy note, everyone have a good week.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

Okay, well so much for my once a week posting in January. But honestly life has just been that busy lately. First off we have had a slew of birthdays this past month, Corey turned 33 on January 23rd, and I turned 27 on January 27th. Followed closely by my nephew Austin turning 6 on January 29th, and again right behind him was our little Braden aka Brady Bear turning 4 on February 2nd. Look at our big boy with the bright cupcakes he wanted for his birthday. Okay so we were obviously very busy with birthdays....but really there is lots going on besides that.

Besides that last month I had my amazing bridal shower, thrown for me by my matron of honor Amanda, and my mom. Man it was a great party, we had amazing food(thanks mom), great games and everything seemed to go very smoothly. Besides the fact that by the time it was over I was looking around feeling bad because it had been so busy from eating, games, to presents and cake that by the time all of that was accomplished my guests left and I felt like I didn't get to talk to anyone. This made me feel bad since people gave up a Saturday for me, and some traveled pretty far to be there....Oh the stresses of being a bride. I am just thankful to have such great friends and family who came out and celebrated with me. My grandparents bought me this awesome cake for the shower and I adored it, it was perfect.
Not only did I have this very pretty cake but my mom got creative on me ( I know, no surprise at all, since she always is) and bought towels
that were on Corey and my registry and then made them into a wedding cake, while decorating the wedding cake with a picture of Corey and I on top and our cherry blossom themed flowers like our invites.....Isn't the picture so cool. The picture doesn't do it justice, but it was definitely a creative way to give someone a set of the towels they wanted.

All of that aside our wedding is quickly approaching with only a month and 16 days left, I am starting to feel anxious, stressed and a little bit overwhelmed. There is still a lot to be done and it seems like time is closing in on us. We finally ordered on wedding bands on Monday thanks to my mom and dad's prompting us to get them ordered. So that was one sigh of relief....although we still need to save for the honeymoon, finish getting the liquor (that is Corey and my job), the guys are going to get fitted for their tuxes this next Saturday, and there are endless other meetings and loose ends that need to be tied up. I am totally excited about the wedding and it is going to be amazing thanks to my parents, but at the same time I can totally see why bride's get stressed as weddings approach and part of me says we should have just eloped...but with that said I have always dreamed of a fairy tale wedding so I am getting that and I just need to keep reminding myself of that. I am sure when it is said and done it will be nice to just have the normal everyday worries and things to do with Corey, the kids and work and then everyone including my parents will be able to take a deep breath of relief.

So besides all of this wedding mumbo jumbo and birthday's galore, this SNOW is draining me away. While I used to be the first child to wear their pajama's inside out and do all kinds of snow dances and never understand why my dad didn't want it to snow. I can HONESTLY SAY as an adult, I GET IT NOW. Lucky for us the kids have been great and haven't minded being cooped up in any of the storms we have had from December until now....however I on the other hand am going stir crazy.....
I hate not being able to go to work. I miss the little children I work with and like Corey, when I don't go to work there is no needless to say I am beyond ready to get back at. Doing ABA therapy has filled a gap in my life and really there hasn't been one day since I started that I woke up and said, "Man I don't want to work today." I love my job, the families I work with, seeing the kids faces and seeing them hit amazing milestones, and my boss and coworkers couldn't be better. Either way you cut it the snow is killing the extra money we need for wedding/honeymoon expenses and making it that tiny bit more stressful. Especially since even Corey has missed some days due to snow and he too doesn't get paid on snow days. But some how in the mix of all this awful large amounts of snow, I can't help but love this picture of the boys to the left from the first huge snowstorm....They had a ball playing outside in the snow with it and had never made snow angels which was so cute to watch their faces light up as I watched them experience that for the first time. Oh the joys of having children in your life and watching them experience the little things in life...

With all that said and done, I am hoping life gets a little less chaotic the next month or so, but I am sure this is just the rumble before the storm as the wedding gets that much closer. We also dealt with Corey's car dying this past month. It needed more repairs then it was worth so he had to buy a new one....needless to say that wasn't in our wedding/honeymoon saving budget either. Then there of course are other little storms that are underlying with custody of the kids possibly changing soon and all that great stuff. I just pray everyday that everything in our life settles down. I keep telling myself everything happens for a reason, but with the tough last month we had, I can't say I didn't question that quote that I have forever loved. Just trying to keep our heads up, fingers crossed, that everything in our life will work out for the best, whether it involves the endless wedding things we need to get done, the children, finances, weather or just life itself. Either way I am blessed to have a great soon to be husband, two amazing soon to be stepsons who melt my heart when they say, "Marcey I love you," which happens very regularly and two fun dogs that I are great company on these stranded snow days. Not to mention my very supportive family and great on that note.

Enjoy the snow, take it for what its worth and most of all....take an extra minute in your SNOWED in DOWNTIME to really appreciate those important people in your life.


Saturday, January 9, 2010

Time is Flying By

So I can't believe tomorrow will be January 10th already. It is absolutely crazy how fast time is going by. In two months and some change, well 76 days to be exact Corey and I will be married. I can' t believe how fast it is approaching and its starting to finally hit me as my bridal shower approaches. This Saturday my matron of honor and best friend Amanda Fernandez and my mom are throwing my bridal shower. I think having the bridal shower will start to throw me into reality that I am really getting married soon, since up until now it has really just been planning. I am excited, overwhelmed, nervous and happy all wrapped into one emotion. Not only is my bridal shower this Saturday January 16th at 200, but in the morning at 10 my bridesmaids have their dress fitting because their dresses are in. I am beyond excited to see my colors come to life on their dresses and see how pretty they all look in them. While we are there I of course will try on my wedding gown again, because last time we went I didn't want to take it off. Really this week is going to be exciting, but first I have a busy week of work ahead of me. I am sure I will be counting down the time until Saturday as the day gets closer especially since my other close friend Amanda Perry will be in town this weekend for the bridesmaid dress fitting and shower. I am excited to see lots of family and close friends on Saturday and appreciate everyone taking the time out of their busy lives to come party for awhile. Life has been crazy lately for Corey and I with lots going on, but its good to know the shower will be a good distraction and tons of fun. Then after that I have to focus on the second round of appointments with the vendors. My mom and I need to meet with the venue manager again, florist, caterer, baker, DJ, and photographer. As I continue to work all week and squeeze in these appointments, I am sure time will really start going even faster. I am just trying to cherish every busy moment since you only get to experience all these wedding festivities once. Its crazy at times, but I love every minute of it and can't wait to be Mrs. Taylor. Everyone enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Happy Holidays

Well I really can't believe that another year has almost come and gone. It has been a great year, with tons of heartfelt memories of Corey, and the boys. Also the September 6th engagement of Corey and myself made the year one to not forget. The holidays flew by and really I just don't know where time has went.

Christmas Eve the four of us went to the 6:00 children's church service with Grandma, Pa Pa, Great Grandma, Great Grandpa and Uncle Dave. We had a very nice service followed by dinner at Grandma and Pa Pa's. After dinner the kids opened their presents first and then went to play with them. Then the adults exchanged some gifts. It was a great night of awesome company, good wine and lots of laughs. I love the tradition of getting together with my family on Christmas Eve, we have done if for years and years and I love it. Christmas Morning we woke up with the boys, and had a great time seeing what Santa brought, then the boys opened presents from Corey and me. After they were done with all of our presents, we hung out for awhile, then we went over to Corey's brother Chris' house to spend time with him and his Family. Bryce (Corey's brothers son) is Braden's age so they play nice together. We had a wonderful breakfast brunch at their house and opened presents from them as well as Corey's mom. We hung out there until mid-afternoon. Then Corey & I went to my grandma and grandpa's house while the boys went to open presents with their mom. At my grandmas we got to enjoy the company of my Aunt Jane, Uncle Dave, Claudia, Brendan, as well as my sister and parents. We all hung out and ate and just chatted. Corey and I are very grateful to have such kind family to spend the holidays with and are very grateful for each and everyone of them.

Now as the year rounds to an end, it is crazy to think that our wedding is in a little less then 3 months from now. The day after Christmas was exactly 3 months. I think the next 3 months are going to fly by, this next month all of my bridesmaids are going to get together to do their dress fitting. I am beyond excited to see their dresses on them in my colors. One of my bridesmaids Amanda Perry will be in town for that and my bridal shower thrown by Amanda Fernandez and my mom. I am very excited to get to see Amanda Perry since she lives in NC we don't see each other as much as I would like so it will be a treat to see her in a few weeks. With all of that just a few short weeks from now I have a lot to look forward to.
I hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year. Corey and I are going to go to a dinner the two of us on New Year's eve followed by a get together at our friend Chris & Steph's place. I hope everyone enjoys their last few days of 2009 and I am beyond excited to welcome 2010 with big wide open arms. 2010 is going to be my year, with the wedding and March and lots of other exciting things happening. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Visit to Maryland

This past Sunday December 6th we had the pleasure of going to Hagerstown, Maryland and visiting my Aunt Chris and Uncle Tom, along with my cousin Jenny, her husband Chad, daughter Audrey and my other cousin Liz, her husband Steve and her son Drew and new baby Tyler. It was truly great to see everyone. My dad and mom rode with Corey, the boys and myself and Heather and her boyfriend Lane drove up as well. Unfortunately my brother and his family couldn't make it this time. The kids all played very well together, and even Nathan was content playing with the younger kids toys. My Aunt cooked a wonderful meal and we spent the afternoon eating, hanging out and catching up. Enjoy all the pictures below, I took a lot of the new little one. There is something just irresistible about babies, so I couldn't help myself. :o)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Things to be THANKFUL FOR

Well Thanksgiving has come and gone, and man November flew by. This year as Thanksgiving approached, I spent a little time reflecting on things in my life I can be thankful for. As I started counting them, I learned real fast that I truly blessed for all the things in my life. Here are ten of the things I am very thankful for:

1. I am thankful to have a loving fiance, who tries hard to make me laugh even when I am trying to be mad, and really want to do anything but laugh. He understands me and knows what my faces mean even if I try to hide my feelings. He truly has been the best thing to happen to me.

2. I am thankful that Corey is such an amazing Dad and has brought two adorable, fun and loving little boys into my life.

3. I am thankful to have completely wonderful parents, who love and support me through thick and thin and every change in my life whether its a job or falling in love with a man with two kids, has been completely behind me and opens their arms and embraces all things.

4. I am thankful to have met Jenn (my boss) in a class, and by chance have her be looking for an employee out more by my house. She has given me an amazing opportunity to on a daily basis feel like I am making a difference in these children with Autism's lives and their families.

5. I am thankful to have learned that you don't need 100 of acquaintances, but it is much more valuable to have a few friends you can count on one hand that will be there when your Grandfather gets hospitalized, you are having a bad day or you just want to giggle at something funny that happen to you. I am beyond blessed to have had some very close friends since Middle School and High School and am so lucky to have them to share my upcoming wedding with me and all the planning I have been going through.

6. I am thankful to have an amazing family who I am unbelievably close with from my Godfather in NY, to Aunts & Uncles & Cousins in PA and MD, to all my Aunts & Uncles Locally, to my brother his family, and my sister, I couldn't ask for a better family and am lucky to have them.

7. I am thankful to be at a spot in my life where I can look back and say man it was fun going out and partying nightly when I was younger, but at the same time *sigh* to myself and know I wouldn't trade movie nights, cuddles, wine and staying in with Corey for anything.

8. I am thankful to be starting a new chapter in my life and marrying someone who I can see myself growing old with in March.

9. I am thankful to have a warm place to live, plenty of food to eat, and love all around me. Even if bills stink at times, and there are weeks that money is tight I wouldn't trade it for the world. I know we are very fortunate and there are people who would die to take our places.

10. I am thankful to have two crazy dogs, who although at times they drive me nuts, I wouldn't trade them for the world. They are so loving and great with our family.

So those are some of the things I am thankful for, Thanksgiving this year we held at Corey and My house. We had my parents over, my sister and her boyfriend, and Corey's brother Chris, his wife Jane and their little boy Bryce. It was a great thanksgiving. Corey made a delicious turkey, sweet potato's, we also had appetizers, stuffing and then my mom brought bread/muffins, green bean casserole, corn casserole, Jane brought mashed potato's and my sister brought 2 pie's. Everything turned out very well and there were no huge problems. We all drank wine, and hung out from 1 to about 6. It was great to have part of Corey's family with my family and everyone really seemed to enjoy themselves. Below is a little movie clip with a few pictures, unfortunately in my attempt to be a good hostess we somehow didn't get any pictures of my mom or Corey's sister-in-law Jane, although I promise you they were at our house. :o)

On that note I can't believe it is December 1st, Corey and I haven't even started shopping for the boys. Other then the boys we are going to keep Christmas very low key, with the wedding in March we have lots still to save for. We have wedding bands to buy, honeymoon to save for, rehearsal dinner, along with a few other odds and ends related to the wedding. I will just be glad to spend time with the family during the holidays. :o) Hope everyone is getting in the holiday spirit, I know we are going to try and put our tree up this week. Happy Holidays to everyone and enjoy every moment like its the last.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

WOW I'm Behind

Okay, well I know I have been totally terrible at this blogging thing. It is going to be my new goal to catch up or write one blog AT LEAST a week...whether its on the latest happenings in our house, or just a thought or topic I want to comment on. I am going to put it on my To Do List.

So now lets play a little game of catch up on the last few months. So since I last wrote I went to NY, I had my "Engagement Trip,"there and it was beyond fun. I flew in on a Friday afternoon and came back to VA on Sunday Evening. While there I got to spend Friday hanging out with my amazing uncle and godfather, we went and did a little shopping when I arrived, saw a movie, and then me, my uncle and John went out for a very nice dinner. Saturday we spend looking for the perfect turned out to
be right there on Long Island at Estelle's. I can't even describe how perfect it is...matches my dress to a T. We also found my head piece to go with my veil there. I couldn't be luckier to have my uncle and John help me pick these two important things out and get them for me for my engagement gift. Saturday night we went to see the season opener of Saturday Night Live in the city. That was beyond fun, especially since it was something I had always wanted to do. It was a great trip and I was beyond excited to spend time with Dave and John.
So that was my little excursion, Corey went to Fantasy Fest in Key West and if you don't know what Fantasy Fest is then it is best described as Mardi Gras Meets Halloween. He went the four days before's a week long event down in Key West and Corey and his two friends who went down there to visit their friend Aaron decided to dress up the last day they were there (Oct 30th). Well they looked absolutely ridiculous to me, but if you have seen any of the other pictures from while he was there on facebook then you know they actually weren't dressed that crazy. The guys get a huge kick out of dressing up ridiculously was my conclusion. Since Corey got home at after 900 on Saturday the 31st we laid low for Halloween. We went out to Bonefish when he got back in town and had a nice dinner the two of us and it was a great time. So that was October.

November we went over the first weekend to celebrate my mom's birthday with a little BBQ. Corey, and I went over with the boys, my brother and his two kids (savanna and austin) came and my sister was there with her bf Lane. It was really a great time. Very casual birthday party, and great company, it is also very exciting because the 4 kids play so nice to each other, over the time Corey and I have
been together they seem to play nicer and nicer together. So I really enjoy to see them all together. To the right is my mom and dad at the Birthday BBQ and little tazzie. Happy 55th Birthday to the most amazing woman I know, full of strength, unconditional love, and always willing to help or be there to listen when you need to vent about anything. She truly is the best mom. :o) Oh in November Addie turned 4 and Mylo turned 1 not that too many people care how old our dogs are. HAHA, I know in our house I am really the only one who was telling them Happy Birthday Over and Over Again. I love my little puppy dogs, even with all the times they wake me up early.

Okay so that is all the events/trips that have occurred over the past few months however there have been many other changes. I have been beyond blessed with a new job. Many of you knew that I was teaching kids at The Goddard School, and I really thought that would be what I ended up doing for the rest of my life, while continuing to do Freelance Graphic Design jobs on the side. I did enjoy the small children, I have a love for children that is indescribable, however the monotony of the same days over and over at the Preschool was not what I was looking for. I had worked in a preschool before, but after doing it for 7 months, I just was looking for something more. Well I was taking a class on Thursday nights, the class was called The Exceptional Child, it was on children with special needs. ENTER OPPORTUNITY, I met an amazing lady in class who happened to express one day before class that she was looking for help in her business. She has a business BCS Inc, who does ABA Behavioral Therapy for children with Autism. Some people know and others don't that while in middle school I worked after school with children with special needs, and it was a great experience. Well after talking with Jenn on the phone a few times and exchanging numerous emails, I decided the job could be exactly what I was longing and looking for. A job with children, that would not only be different daily, but different from child to child. Two children with Autism are never the same. Not only would be able to work with children, I would be able to be a part of very rewarding field. So I did some Saturday Training's, did a week out in the field with other therapists, did some DVD classes and now I am working as a ABA therapist. Let me just say that I am IN LOVE. I love my job, I never wake up anymore and roll over to look at Corey and moan I don't want to go to hasn't happen. The hours are amazing, the people are amazing, the CHILDREN ARE EXCEPTIONAL, and it makes me happy to be working daily. So that is my update on my job. I am still able to do graphic design freelance on the side, so I have the best of two worlds I love. Working with children daily, and doing graphic work at my own will when I want.

So in between all the trips, holidays, job, comes WEDDING PLANNING. I told you I had a lot to catch up on. My mom aka THE MOTHER OF THE BRIDE, has been a blessing. She has been my wedding planner and kept me very organized. We have moved right along, and I am happy to report that we have pretty much all of our vendors lined up and ready to go. We just booked the DJ last weekend and he was our only real loose string. We have cake taken care of, caterer, photographer, venue, church booked, and now DJ. We have the bridesmaid dresses due to arrive in January, and the girls will get fitted for them January 16th. I think we are going to have my Bridal Shower on Saturday January 16th as well, since one of my bridesmaids will be in town for the fitting, and I really want her to be able to participate in the shower but not be inconvenienced too much and have to keep coming in town. My wedding dress has been fitted for Length and under the arms, you know things that won't change between now and a month before the wedding. I went last weekend with my mom, matron of honor Amanda, and grandma to try it on after the length alterations and I DID NOT WANT TO TAKE IT OFF. I loved standing there in it. I will be trying it on again when I go with the girls January 16th. Then my fitting for waist, etc will be a month before to see if they need to take it in or what. So that is the wedding...we are going to take a little breather from wedding planning and try to enjoy the coming holidays and pick up the crazy wedding planning in the New Year.

So that brings me to the present, Next week THANKSGIVING. I am very excited to say Corey and I are hosting turkey day here this year. My mom, dad, sister, sisters bf, and coreys brother, wife and son will all be out to join Corey, Myself, Nathan and Braden. Everyone is bringing something and it should be a good time, and good company. So I think that catches me up for now, now all I need to do is post on here at least once a week. Wish me Luck. :o) Hope everyone has been doing well and taking time to smell the fresh air. :o)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Corey & I Are Engaged

As must people know Corey and I got engaged on Sunday September 6, 2009. We are beyond excited to move forward in our relationship and become husband and wife.

So how it happen, we had been talking about getting married, for months and months, then before the start of summer we talked about a possible summer engagement. Well summer went by, and Corey decided he was ready to make the step. So, that Sunday, he asked me to go return the redbox movies to 7-11 so I went, although not without questioning why I had to go out at that moment and return them...well if I didn't ask 4500000 questions then it wouldn't be me. He knows that and loves that. haha. So he said so we don't forget too later, which we are KNOWN FOR. So I said fine and went, the 7-11 is about 10 minutes from us, so 20 round trip. When I got home he had his camera around his neck, and said why don't we go upstairs. I said ummm okay. So we headed upstairs he told me to sit on the bed, then he said lets play an old fashion game of hot and I started looking around the house, as he snapped pictures and was so into the picture taking that would forget we were playing hot and cold only for me to say "hello am I hot or cold." I looked all through the upstairs bedrooms and nothing, went downstairs and started looking and nothing...then I decided to look in the chocolate jar, because anyone that knows Corey knows he loves his chocolate. So I opened the lid, only to find the ring box in there and open. I started crying before I had even got the ring out of the jar, once I was holding the box, he said to me as I was crying, "So is this a yes you will marry me." Well I of course said yes, we hugged over and over while I sobbed on his shoulder and that's how it happen. The boys are very excited especially Nathan who has more understanding of a wedding and knows he is going to have a special job of being a ring bearer. I am very thankful to have the boys in my life and Corey.

Everyone has been asking what date we are looking at, we are looking at an early Spring wedding 2010, March or April really depending on the reception places we are looking at and their availability. We are looking a place I really love on Saturday so we will go from there and see what happens. We will definitely keep everyone posted, thanks to all our wonderful family and friends for all the well wishes and nice messages. We are glad you are all in our lives, and we look forward to celebrating our marriage with you all in the Spring. LET THE PLANNING BEGIN...Oh wait it already has. :o)

Enjoy a few pictures from the "hot and cold game" along with some ring pics and A picture of Corey and I from Sunday night when we were at my parents and we had a champagne toast for our engagement.

Monday, August 3, 2009

August Already

Okay so time flies by, seriously is Summer already rolling to an end? August Already?  Well I have been majorly slacking on the blog over the last couple months, so I will do a quick rap up.  
    So Corey and I went to St.Thomas and had an amazing time. The hotel we stayed at was beautiful and we got to hang out with the owner of the shop he works for and his wife, which are both very nice people, along with another guy who works at the shop and his fiance.  Overall a great time, we got to have some much needed alone time, as well as go on some great dinners with his coworkers and get some time in the sun to relax.  Since Corey has kids, we haven't always had the luxury of having time to ourselves.  Although we only have them exactly half the week, and she has them half the week, it made dating at times very different then the usual dating since their were kids involved.  It also has limited where and when we can go away the two of us.  So being able to go on a paid for trip to St.Thomas was awesome for us.  I am working on getting pictures from the trip. His boss took all the pictures and has to get us the CD....I know we are months behind, but hopefully pictures soon.
    Lets see we also had Mothers Day right after we got back from St.Thomas, that was good. Corey and I went to my parents and had a nice dinner with them.  We also celebrated my Dads birthday at the beginning of June and then just a mere like week later Fathers Day.  My parents, my sister and I took the boys to Baltimore Aquarium for Memorial Day because I had off for work, we had a lot of fun and the kids love it there. Other then lots of family events, we spent fourth of July with my parents, my niece and nephew, and his two boys. We saw fireworks had dinner and relaxed on the lawn waiting for fireworks.  The brings us pretty much up to date.  Not much else has been going on, just enjoying the summer.
     However Sunday August 9th we will leave to take the boys to Hershey Park. We are very excited to get away the four of us on a family vacation. We are going down Sunday and will go to ZooAmerica which is a park with animals and things.  The boys will for sure love that.  Then Monday and Tuesday we will go to Hershey Park, one day we will devote to all the rides, and the second day we will do the huge water park they have added.  Then Wednesday we will tour the Hershey Chocolate Factory and then head home.  Corey has never been to Hershey Park, either have the boys and I haven't been since I was a it should be great. The kids love rides and love water parks so we are expecting them to be pumped, we however won't tell them where we are going, we are surprising them on Sunday when we arrive.
    I think that catches me up, below are a few pictures from the past few months, of course minus St.Thomas pictures (soon I hope). ENJOY and I am going to work on Keeping this updated more often.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

One Day in Counting

Well tomorrow early in the morning Corey and I leave for St.Thomas. I am beyond excited....the most we have ever gone away for has been a night and it was to pick up our little man, Mylo in Niagara Falls. So it will be nice to get out in the warm tropical sun and have a real vacation together. We will be gone until the end of the week, hopefully Mylo will be a good boy while be watched, and I am not worried in the least bit about Addie. So everyone have a good week, and we will update everyone on our wonderful trip upon our arrival home. :o)

A Sunday at the Parks

Last Sunday, April 26th we had the pleasure of taking the boys to Burke Lake Park for a while, then we headed to Bull Run Park for a day of fun filled parks. We also took Mylo with us to practice with him on walking on his leash. (Oh how fun puppy training is) It was a beautiful day outside, but for some reason the kids weren't feeling the playground at Burke Lake so we walked around the lake on the trails instead. The picture above was at Burke Lake during our walk. After walking for a while, we decided to head to Bull Run Park and check out that playground, and tire the kids and Mylo out even more. :o) I think we definitley succeeded in both, as you can see from the picture of Mylo below he got pretty tired and the kids were ready to crash as well.

All in all it was a good day, and I love to get the kids outside. Kids today just don't play outside like we used to. When I was growing up, I loved to go run around outside, play games, run around in the woods, and just play. Unfortunately today must kids would rather be inside in the AC watching a movie or playing a video game....Corey and I are trying to make sure the boys start to learn to like to go run around outside, afterall boys will be boys and they should learn to get dirty. :o)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Easter Weekend

Easter weekend turned out to be a very nice weekend. We had the boys, which was nice so we got to spend the holiday as a "family". We got up, we saw what the Easter Bunny left for the boys in Easter Baskets. Then we hurried, got everyone ready and the four of us headed to my parents house to pick them up to go to church. We went to my church in Centreville for the Easter service, then we headed back to my parents to have Easter Lunch.Easter Lunch at my parents turned out quite nice because my brother & his family came in to spend it with us, along with my grandparents, Aunt Jane, Uncle Dave, Cousin Claudia and her boyfriend. We had quite the gang assembled and spent the afternoon eating, relaxing, talking and just enjoying the day.
My niece and nephew always enjoy playing with Nathan and Braden so that was fun. Once we were done at my parents we headed home to do an Easter egg hunt with the boys. It was definitely a perfect afternoon for it and the kids really enjoyed it. Overall a very productive and family fun filled Easter Day.

Oh and on another Easter side note. My mom and dad made the four kids Easter goody bags, and they had these adorable "bunny mouths" needless to say it was a perfect time to get a Kodak moment of the four kids, they did really good and after shot after shot after shot, trying to get 4 kids under the age of 6 to all look at the camera at once, we got 3 out of 4 to look, and well Savanna was still trying to decide if she liked this weird lollipop from Grandma and Pa Pa. Hahaha, enjoy below. From Left to right {Savanna (almost 3), Austin (5), Nathan (almost 7), and Braden (3)}